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Esther Jeon




Immigrant Rights Fellow, NAKASEC
Student, Harvard College, Social Studies, Ethnicity, Migration and Rights


Napping with my dog, hanging out with my dog, listening to music with my dog, eating with my dog, taking pictures of my dog

Favorite Food

SPICY FOOD including but not limited to tteokbokki and kimchi stew!!!!! Also taro pearls in coconut milk from Chicago's best Thai food restaurant, Thai Thai. Shoutout to J-Money!!


Why do you want to participate in Journey to Justice?

Because I believe that all non-citizensincluding all 11.3 million undocumented immigrants and 35,000 intercountry adoptees without U.S. citizenshipshould have a clear pathway to full citizenship no different from that of U.S.-born American citizens. I'm ready to bike ~8,000 miles with my undocu-friends and allies to let everyone on the West Coast know: we need #CitizenshipForAll now, and we won't settle for anything less! 

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