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Taking photos, Making music (singing, playing guitar, drumming), hiking, finding interesting places to set up my hammock

Favorite Food

Anything prepared with love. Also, Pizza


Why do you want to participate in Journey to Justice?

"I am participating in the Journey to Justice because I am undocumented, and I've personally experienced the burden of living as a Second-Class citizen. I ride because everybody deserves the opportunity for freedom.
Everybody deserves to live without fear.
Everybody deserves to chase their dreams.
Everybody deserves to be happy.
I ride for my father, whose knowledge and wisdom has given me the tools to examine the world around me; for my mother, whose enduring love has bestowed upon me strength and courage to do what is right; for my sister, who is diagnosed with Autism, who's given me the perspective to understand the fragility and beauty of human nature; for my friends, for without them, I would have been lost; for the millions of others like myself, who have felt the crippling burden of ostracism, isolation, and loneliness.
I ride to spread the word of love; of compassion; to dispel notions of "otherness"; to posit that justice is not merely a concept of law, but a transcending moral principle that must be constantly questioned and engaged with; to encourage and establish in promoting the founding principles of this nation, that we are all created equal and all equally deserving of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."


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