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Bo Thai




Student, UCI / Artist / Entrepreneur


Drawing, dancing, conversation, basketball, exercising

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Why do you want to participate in Journey to Justice?

"4 years ago, I looked at the U.S. and thought about my relationship to this country being undocumented, in a place that I want to stay that does not want me. It felt like middle school or high school when I liked a girl that doesn't want me back. I was born and raised in Thailand and immigrated to the U.S. for a better life with my aunt, uncle, and cousin. Soon after my migration, a "lawyer" scammed my case and I became undocumented. At the time, I did not know what that meant, but soon found myself lost wondering how was I going to build a future for myself and support my family not knowing if I could go to college or work. I felt depressed as my younger self was seeing doors closing as everybody around me continue to find their dreams and pursue them. Fortunately, I was able to link up with various undocumented folks initially through UCLA Immigrant Youth Empowerment Conference. That lead me to the welcoming communities of undocumented immigrants and allies with UPLIFT LA, KRC, UCI, UCLA Dream Summer, UC summit folks, NAKASEC, and the list goes on. I was blown away by the strength of another undocumented individuals and started to see how organizing and activism led to AB60, DACA, and sanctuary laws that happened because of the movement. I spent my college years advocating for couple policies but then found my love in art and am currently exploring the pathway of artivism as I created an undocu art collective, a clothing brand, and more artworks raising awareness about immigration, self awareness, and other social justice issues. However, I realized no matter how far I came, something was missing. I am still undocumented and there's still separation within my family due to man mad border. That was when I started to meditate and accept the state of where I'm at thanks to a friend Jung Woo. As I learn getting older to move on and to love and be loved, I know better now to wait around for things to happened but to fight for what's needed while finding my internal peace in acceptance. I look forward for this ride to be a journey to justice and a journey for me to better know myself."

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