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Student, Harvard College
Social Studies & Visual Environmental Studies


Cooking, reading, hot yoga, biking, singing, looking for good deals on Groupon, cutting out coupons from coupon books, looking at street fashion both "irl" and via Vogue

Favorite Food

Anything SPICY & FUEGO


Why do you want to participate in Journey to Justice?

"Issues related to immigration have always been near to my heart, and I was really excited to hear about this opportunity where I could act upon my desire to participate in political activism! On an even more detailed note, I promised myself that this coming year would be a year of "life" where I would do all and only things that make my heart beat (and consequently make me feel alive). Growing up as a Korean American female, I was indoctrinated by cultural and larger societal structures that I should "keep my head down" and do as I was told to succeed. I've lived a great portion of my life like that but am currently in a place where I want to question that. I want to live a life for others, raising my voice on behalf of what is morally right, and I really believe that this will be the first step in that direction."


Youngwoon Han