Citizenship for All:
Dream Riders 2018 



The idea for the “Citizenship for All: Journey to Justice” was spearheaded and developed by young organizers from the National Korean American Service and Education Consortium (NAKASEC) and affiliates. NAKASEC & Affiliates have been working furiously since the election of President Trump as he executed much of his anti-immigrant agenda such rescinding DACA, enhancing interior enforcement and continuously creating a toxic atmosphere for immigrant communities among others. Recently  our young leaders led a 22-day DREAM Action where we held 24-hour vigil in front of the White House, numerous actions both in DC and locally demanding Congress pass a permanent solution for undocumented youth, and many other efforts in Southern California, Chicago and Northern Virginia from protecting sanctuary cities to pushing for the driver’s licenses for all.


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Why are we doing this?

A group of immigrant youth at NAKASEC has been fighting for dream act for many years, but we have also been fed up with cold politics of hate and racism. We realize political hatred divide our community and put one community against other communities. Learning from the lessons of the work to protect DACA and responding to our community members’ call to organize and advocate for what is truly needed, NAKASEC & Affiliates are leading a new fight by launching a national Citizenship For All Campaign (C4A).

Our campaign rejects attempts to tear families apart and cut immigration on the backs of undocumented youth, and demands instead a clear pathway to citizenship for all non-citizens who have been denied this opportunity, including undocumented immigrants and intercountry adoptees. We also believe in a broader definition of “citizenship” that demands equal rights for every member of our society, regardless of their immigration status, race, or any other identity marker. We recognize that while Black and Native communities may have citizenship papers, their full rights to citizenship are often denied.  Our “Journey to Justice” will educate and engage diverse communities about our campaign and offer the opportunity to seed cross-cultural alliances that are critical to building a movement towards justice for all.

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Our Goals are...

- To enjoy the scenery, build community and have FUN with people involved in this campaign!

- To build coalitions with local immigrant and AAPI organizations who share our vision for just comprehensive immigration reform.

- To cultivate genuine relationships with the communities we interact with during the tour, including rural, Black and Native communities.

- To advocate for comprehensive immigration reform that provides a clear pathway to citizenship to all non-citizens.

- To engage in and uplift what full citizenship means for multiple marginalized communities.

- To broaden our base in states where NAKASEC & Affiliates have had limited presence.

- To develop leadership amongst those involved in our bike campaign.

- To build power through civic engagement amongst voters, particularly youth voters.

Because we are here to stay!